Major D Glories

Piano, Tutoring, & More: All Ages!

    Services offered

Piano: Ages 5 and older! 

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 ♦Prospective students must be able to communicate in English with their parent or guardian.  (Signed English, ASL though my knowledge is limited, etc)


 ♦Beginner to advanced levels are accepted.  


♦All students are welcome to an initial meeting and lesson in order to determine whether we'd be a good fit.



Tutoring & Consultations!

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 ♦I am a professionally certified teacher with a diverse background.


 ♦"Tutoring" can be as simple as helping your child with homework.* (once a week, every other week, for the occasional major assignment, or however you wish)


♦I may be able to tutor some higher level courses (high school, college). 


♦You may also choose to use me as a consultant to work with you and school personnel in bettering your child's education.

*If interested, this was the subject of one of two research papers I wrote for my Master's degree. 

Writing "Workshops"!

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 ♦Though primarily intended for high school and college students, it need not be exclusive.


♦I offer proofreading and editing services for a minimal fee. I will not, however, be rewriting papers for students.


♦Writing was always a challenge for me and, at times, still is. I love it though, and I've learned what does and does not work for me. I'm confident I can provide the help needed.


Products Offered

Coming soon!  I have a few collaborative projects that I'm working on, and I will be updating the status of these projects over on my blog page. When we're finished, they'll be listed with descriptions and you will be able to purchase them through my web store. I also have other random products or services that I'm able to provide; these too will be available through the web store.

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